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1898 photos

Fanny Armitage Birth Certificate - December 1st 1863Parkhurst History236Parkhurst History237Cyril Parkhurst - Year 1900 in Ipswich at 16 years, 8 monthsCyril With Bookscan0014scan0014 copyCyril ParkhurstCyril Parkhurst copyEdgar Harris - Apprentice To Rogers Machine Shop On Tronson Street, Vernon BCParkhurst 14Parkhurst 14 copyParkhurst 50Laurie Parkhurst & His Father CyrilLaurie Parkhurst As A BabyLaurie Parkhurst On The Roof Of Grampas Building In VernonLawrence Parkhurst 1928Laurie Parkhurst With DogParkhurst007Parkhurst012

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